Trying Smoked Mac-n-Cheese in a Crystal Goblet

Bubba Dave

Welcome to Bubba Blue BBQ

My name is David (Dave) Palenshus, I am a native born Texan- trained BBQ Pit Master, specializing in slow-smoking foods and spices over a wood burning pit.  In one facet or another, and all those in-between, I have been around the food service industry since I went solo on my first outdoor charcoal grill at age 9. (That's a half century ago!).  (And never mind that I almost burnt the roof down over the garage in Kansas City at age 9!).  From family and neighborhood cook-offs, to graduation parties, wedding events, yacht club outings, working at a dinner/supper club in Wisconsin, to fan-tail (US Navy) cookouts for 500 to 1500 hungry men, and overseas US Embassy receptions, my culinary skills have ranged from cooking, grilling, sanitation inspections, food ordering, menu planning, warehouse and storeroom inventory of food stocks, to high-profile events like being assigned to assist VIP's at Houston's Culinary Show such as Paula Dean, Giada De Laurentiis  and Master Chef Peppin.  


To me, it's all about the experience that the person trying my smoked meats has... sublime, heavenly, sheer delight... if the customer likes it, and comes back for more, then that - to me - is what it is all about.  I am a giver, and by that, I mean it means a lot to me that I was able to give pleasure to someone by providing them a wonderful meal.  


Having turned the corner on corporate life left behind, Bubba Blue BBQ is a fantasy come true for me.  No more suits...corporate meetings at 4pm on Friday... and all the political correctness required of the proverbial climbing of the corporate ladder.  And before that, a successful Naval career as a Supply Officer on several surface ships, as well as living overseas, or in the burbs of Washington D.C.  Those days are left behind. Collar and tie - gone for good.  Instead, I wake up early because I am excited about what to cook, for whom, and how I can make their taste of Texas, or KC BBQ all that they can think of...while their taste buds are making their mouth water in anticipation...never rushed...slow smoked... using the finest ingredients, woods (hickory, apple, cherry, pecan, oak are my favorites)... and patience.

Let's get smokin!


Bubba Dave

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